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Prior to entering the world of Triathlon, and subsequently Cycling, Tamiko spent twelve (12) years running long distance on both road and track at a national level.  She has been representing Antigua and Barbuda at regional and international events from the age of 6.  Full of passion and determination, Tamiko won her first regional medals at age 7.  This was soon followed at age 8, where she won her first gold medal at an international level in an invitational meet in New York, running the 1500m.  From then on, Tamiko continued to  win medals for Antigua and Barbuda in various meets, up to age 15 when she suffered a stress fracture to her hip.  Her recovery therapy utilized swimming and cycling, and resulted in her switching to being a triathlete.  She won a few events as a triathlete, the last being the Caribbean Triathlon Championships in Jamaica in 2008.  Tamiko went on to win the National Time Trial Championships in 2009.  Tamiko has become focused on cycling since 2011.  Tamiko is the only cyclist to ever hold eight medals in the Elite Caribbean Road Cycling Championships; four(4) gold, three(3) silver and one(1) bronze.  Tamiko signed her first UCI Pro Team Contract with Drops in late January this year.  She is working towards accumulating enough points through her various races to qualify her for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

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